Palm Reading Results

So my friend Ricki did a palm reading for me today and I think it was amazing and such a cool experience and whether you believe in those things or not, she fucking nailed it. This was the easiest way to share.

Ricki "Zero Fucks Ghost" Tarr

You are passionate and hot blooded. You’re impatient with boring people. 

You are amorous and a little naïve in relations with the other people. You have a sophisticated taste, you are often sentimental, romantic, idealist in life. You’d better avoid unfriendly and critical people and communicate with friendly and happy ones.

You are predisposed to the desire to stand out from the crowd. Such people starve for independence. You’d rather ask for forgiveness than for permission. You are quite easy-going, charismatic and able to controvert, therefore you hate limitations, prohibitions, boundaries. Most probably, you are a perfect inventive lover.

Your love line is just gorgeous, although you sometimes try to control the people you love but never for ill intent more like because you want the very best for them.

Really interesting, your head line starts really faint, I would say like you hadn’t realized your own potential and worth, but then it’s gets very deep and strong and towards the end it takes a bit of a detour.

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